Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Perfect Life

Witton Reed Williams
Born at 7:09 on May, 6 2011
2 Lbs 10 Oz
15 1/2 In long


 LAS VEGAS.... one of are first real trips together we went down to las Vegas nascar race! well we were down there Robert taught me how ho gamble even tho I'm not 21 yet but he was right they never noticed!! but i am pretty sure that was the fastest 50 dollars i ever loosed like i cant even count it as spending it because it went that fast!! after getting that off are chests we walked up and down the hole strip starting at the luxuar and going all the way down to the nascar store in little sierra along the way we ran into some pretty interesting people. i was lucky that i had already
 married Robert because there was this black woman who kept trying to still him from me lol! we shopped tell we drooped and did as many free things as possible as the day went bye we slowly started working are way back to are hotel  and watched the volcano erupted, the water show, the pirate show, we ate at the Paris buffet and the luxuars buffet which i think that was Roberts favorite part! but bye the time we got back to the hotel we were plenty tired enough we just crashed you never realize what effects Vegas has on you tell you try to keep up with
it. the next day Robert sighed us up for some travel thing because we would get free tickets and a buffet out of it.. Robert loves the free stuff!! so we had to go on a tour thing so that later that night we could go to the tournament of kings dinner it was a fun dinner we ate with are hands and no napkins as they did this play show in front of us. that day was kinda nice because we just took it easy and did what ever we wanted to do. then Sunday came!!! it was finally time to go to the race! our seats where right where the driver come out of the pits i got lucky because the last pit crew was my favorite guys Matt Kenneth!! so the hole race i was right there watching my favorite guy even thou he did not win it was still a good race! i got a chance to use my new video camera!! it was a good week and i was glad that we had a lot of FUN!

Rob and KelLee

Est. January 21, 2011
When we started this year we never would of guessed all the ups and downs that we had set for are self's just by saying the silly little words "I DO" but as each day go's bye we learn more and more about each other, the how to deals, the let go's, the things we love about each other and even the things we hate! but above all of that one of the best thing i have noticed so far is that at the end of every single day i am able to look over at him and smile knowing i am never ever going to be alone or unloved because everyday has a end and it always ends with him!